Stone & marble floor cleaning


Marble is a hard metamorphic rock derived from limestone. Available in many colours, marble is often used for its beauty and lifespan. Marble can be used to stunning effect and has the potential to last generations, but it does require some care and attention to maintain its appearance and ensure a worthy lifespan.

Marble can be honed to produce a number of finishes, all of which depend on the fact that it is such a hard substance that it can be used to create a very smooth surface. By creating a surface that is incredibly smooth on a microscopic level, marble reflects light and delivers an elegant sheen. Inevitably, this smooth surface will suffer wear on a small scale. With dust, dirt and grit being trodden into the floor, the surface gets very slightly scratched, resulting in a less reflective surface. The nature of this calcium based rock is that is is very vulnerable to being stained and damaged. Our proven cleaning and maintenance techniques will ensure your valued floor is revived and back to it’s stunning best.

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